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Become an IntelliJ professional

What you’ll learn
In this course you will learn the basics of IntelliJ so you can work with it comfortably.
You will learn lots of useful tricks and techniques of intermediate and upper intermediate level that will boost your productivity and make your life easier.
You will learn the most useful shortcuts to perform the tasks quickly.


This course is focused on IntelliJ for Java. You MUST know Java in order to take advantage of it.
It uses Maven but you can definitely do it without having used it before.
Despite being for Java, I think you could benefit from some of the lectures if you work in other languages (like project and modules creation, searching…)
Mac users don’t have support on how to install IntelliJ.
Mac users don’t have a shortcuts sheet.


In this course, you will go from zero knowledge of IntelliJ to an upper-intermediate level.

Lots of attention has been paid in order to explain the basics well so you can build upon them.

At the end of the course, you will be able to use IntelliJ at a professional level, meeting the expectations of any job.

You will learn

What IntelliJ is and what different licenses you have.

How to install it.

How things are organized.

How to manage your projects (projects, modules…).

How to work with the project window.

How to work with the editor.

How to search for things (classes, files, symbols, actions, text in every place, regular expressions…).

How to navigate through your code.

How to run and debug your program.

How to build your project and fix some IntelliJ glitches.

How to change your settings.

How to generate, refactor and analyze things.

Who this course is for:

People who hasn’t worked with IntelliJ before or that has intermediate level.
In order to get the most out of the course, you must know something about Java first and wanting to use IntelliJ in that language.

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